April 13, 2024
YouTube, background not available. Only users with Youtube Red subscription can use Youtube on the backplane. There is no Youtube Red application in our country. How will Android and iOS users use Youtube in the background? Here are the ways!

What should Android users do?

– First, go to www.youtube.com via your Chrome web browser.

-Then click on the three-pointed icon in the upper right and select the “Request a desktop site” section.

– Then, open the video you want to watch and say “Play”.

-If you’d like to be notified by YouTube, accept it.

-Please quit the Chrome app and open the notification tray at the top of the screen. There, touch the “Play” section in the playback control in the Chrome notification and proceed.

What will iOS users do?

-Download your Dolphin web browser first.

– Go to the “www.youtube.com” site via the Dolphin internet browser.

– Then what you want to hear …

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