April 19, 2024

Throwback Throwback The Thursday TBT (return to perp) is a sticker used by those who want to upload photos of their escorts. It is thought that the TBT, which gives the impression that it should be realized on Thursday as a word meaning, is actually an idiom and that an expression in the style of “What days” is emerging. With this label, 5 images per second are shared on the diagram, and a total of 335 million 71 thousand (currently) TBT-tagged photographs are found.

What is TB?

The use of tbt hashtag is quite common for this reason; but you may have seen only tb hashtag outside of tbt. tb directly meets the ThrowBack concept. So you can use tb hashtag when you will share outside on thursday.

‘Throwback Thursday’ hashtag’i with the world and Turkey, and social media, the most photo sharing is the day of Thursday, the most online shopping in Turkey is also noted as the day of shopping …

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