April 16, 2024

Turkish Airlines (THY), Russia’s Astrakhan and Stavropol, Catania, Italy, Algeria, Oran, Constantine, Tlemcen and the scope of the plan was to organize expeditions to the cities of Batna. The company’s last overseas as the line launched on September 1 Istanbul-Kathmandu flights. This line 238’inci destinations in the country was 104. Providing information about the work of the new Turkish Press Advisor Ali Young, today told the newspaper in an interview:

Increase the number of large-bodied

 ”We want to fly to the country. 2014, 2015 and 2016 have determined where we can fly. Accordingly, giving orders for the plane. Important that planning for the purchase of the fleet. There are 233 aircraft, including cargo. End of the year will close with 235. 275 aircraft will come to the end of 2020. But some of the airplanes in the fleet will be mevcuct. Itirabiriyle the end of 2020 will be 420 aircraft. Future large body aircraft, 40 of them. “

Middle East and Africa

 Per cent to 12 per cent of the market share in Europe, THY who note that beginning 3s Ali Young, first drew attention to those provided by the brand recognition in. Who plans to transfer the company’s fourth-largest port in Europe, with a high growth potential in regions such as Africa and the Middle East is preparing to give weight.

The number of tourists increased by 10.64 percent in August

 Culture and Tourism Ministry announced yesterday that the new tourism Stats link. Number of foreign visitors to Turkey in August of 2012, an increase of 10.64 percent compared to the same month was 4 million 950 thousand people. According to the Ministry in the first 8 months of the year increased by 10.67 per cent to 24 million 90 thousand tourists came to Turkey.

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