April 13, 2024

The German airline Lufthansa, subsidiary Germanwings of the aircraft decrease in rough having .German airline Lufthansa, in the past year pilots many times on strike to go due to the largest financial loss, subsidiary Germanwings of the aircraft to drop in the company’ s prestige loss of undergo and rough  caused. High costs, strikes and the Gulf airways hard competition Lufthansa in 2014 damage to come caused. in 2014 about 732 euros in loss company, of 2014 since April made strikes due to the 232 euros damage has. Also the company, damage due to shareholders profit share and the stock market shares value had lost. Swiss and Austrian airline companies to take, but enough profit  due to the new investments can not the company, fleets of renovation possibility of the limited the. Lufthansa, by 2025 38 billion euros 272 new aircraft has ordered but, the company’ s current conditions these orders about paying distress will capture is thought. Growth capacity down was taken also Lufthansa Group, last year in a statement of 2015 planned for growth capacity of revenues pressures due to the current seat/ miles of the basis of percent than 5 to 3 percent downloaded had reported. Earlier in 2015 2 billion euros profit to planning to the company, this goal of target the likely not stated. Lufthansa in terms, other controversial issues One of oil prices Date of levels to fall, but ticket prices do not fall was. The company, cheap flights from that perform airline companies improve the competitiveness in order to in 2002 Germanwings company founded. New company Lufthansa in some by people too much  and large resistance encountered. our Flights segment other companies compete  forced to the company, long- distance flights especially the gulf countries airline companies quality and reduced- price tickets selling due are hurting stayed. Lufthansa the future period, cheap segment other airline companies about the price competition due to Germanwings and air fleet important part of Lufthansa Another subsidiary and more Cheap flights that perform Eurowings’e carry the agenda started coming. Pilots 1 per year 12 time went on strike the German Pilot’ Union Cockpit( VC) with Lufthansa management dispute between therefore one last year pilots, 12 time on strike went and thousands of time cancel had been. Millions of passengers this cancellations affected, the company customer satisfaction at began to decline. union Lufthansa management talks between Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings companies running of 5 thousand 400 the pilot retirement transition processes related to deal not be available. Lufthansa company, the early retirement age than 55 to 60, dismissed mean age of the 58 to 61 Want To Remove.
in France air crash
All these economic and union dispute next to Germanwings the airways from Barcelona Düsseldorf to the aircraft of France south of the drop in the company’ s prestige and for the future of a great destruction led to. Düsseldorf planned 7 flight accident after the pilots personal reasons the lead to continue and fly does not want due to be performed. Also accident on across Europe in the 30 flight could not be performed. On the other hand, on previously in 1991 economic downturn living in the company, then period Top Executive( CEO) Jürgen Weber’ savings and restructuring actions company crisis had removed.

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