April 16, 2024

You may need to find an alternative to the application or website you are using to convert and download your YouTube videos, because some of the popular services that do this work are closed.

YouTube-mp3.org, one of the popular YouTube videos download sites, is closing after legal threats from registrants, according to Betanews. As a result of an agreement with the RIAA, it is said that the owners of the website will pay a penalty and the domain name will be delivered to the RIAA. Legal actions and punishment that YouTube-mp3.org faces may mean the closure of other YouTube download sites.

While YouTube is targeting YouTube-mp3.org registrants, YouTube is said to have taken action to close third-party YouTube applications from Google. According to MacRumors, the ProTube app in the App Store was removed by Apple following Google’s shutdown requests. This app can play backplays that are not available in YouTube’s official app, just play audio …

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