April 13, 2024

Although painted in the colors of the dye-house Touluse France Airbus aircraft number MSN001, welcomed the technical team involved in the production. Aircraft, flight test in less than 7 days following the approval of the placement of devices on a plane painted. Made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic body and wings of the A350 XWB will be the first passenger plane MSN00, engines fitted last month, was subjected to intense vibration test resulted in successfully.
Airbus officials MSN001’in before the first flight will take place this summer, the last tests recently reported to do.

Europe’s largest military cargo aircraft Airbus A400M project experience gained with the TAI, was the first owner of the shares of 500 million euros. The body of the composite material design and production of new aircraft to perform many TAI, so for the first time will have a say in the design and manufacture of civil aircraft production. TAI competed in this project, many European firm. And eliminating the short-listed the most recent Swedish firm Saab TAI agreed that the success of a meeting with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan shed.

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