April 13, 2024

Solar Impulse-2 aircraft landed after a 12 hour flight to the capital of Oman, Muscat. Aircraft will travel all continents in five months, and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as to pass through the Pacific Ocean. Andre Borschberg aircraft to be used alternately with other Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard.

Pilots will break in different parts of the world, will make the maintenance of the aircraft and the promotion of the use of clean technologies will give the message.

Borschberg, the BBC said in a statement before the departure, “we have a very special plane. Oceans will allow us to overcome. To do this, we may have to fly five days five nights,” he said.

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The attempt of the first leg of the 400 kilometers from Abu Dhabi-Oman. Aircraft can do 70 miles per hour. Solar Impulse project has already broke a number of world records. Solar Impulse -1 in 2013 to the United States was the first solar-powered aircraft length. However Solar Impulse-1 from a larger aircraft for the world tour was held.

The new model is 72 meters in wingspan. Aircraft’s wingspan larger than the width of the Boeing 747. However Solar Impulse-2 weighs only 2.3 tons. Is said to be critical to the success of the aircraft’s weight.

Likewise wing of 17,000 thousand solar cell and lithium ion batteries to be used for night flights also vital.
Atlantic Ocean and the Great Ocean in the dark on the night flight to be made in creating the most challenging part of the record attempt.

Low-speed propeller-powered aircraft to fly non-stop for several days while it is on the ocean. Pilots have to be vigilant at the helm at the start of almost all of the traveling time. Borschberg could Piccard or sleep on a plane more than 20 minutes.

Therefore record attempt will also be an endurance test. The volume of 3.8 cubic meters cockpit. So as a telephone booth.

Video of the tour:


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