April 13, 2024
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Ryanair, Europe’s largest budget airline, is reportedly close to finalizing a deal with Boeing for a significant number of 737 MAX jets. The multi-billion dollar deal could be announced as early as Tuesday, marking a major investment in Boeing planes by the Irish carrier.

Ryanair and Boeing have had a long-standing relationship, with the Irish carrier being a loyal customer of Boeing jets. Despite a pricing dispute that halted negotiations 18 months ago for at least 100 Boeing 737 MAX jets, the talks have resumed, and a new deal seems to be imminent.

According to Ryanair’s Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary, significant discounts would be needed for the deal to materialize. He cited the 200-seat 737 MAX 8200 and the 230-seat 737 MAX 10 as potential options.

The potential deal is significant news for Boeing, as it seeks to rebuild its reputation following the grounding of the 737 MAX jets due to safety concerns. The 737 MAX has since been recertified to fly by regulatory authorities worldwide, and airlines have slowly begun reintroducing the jet into their fleets.

If the deal goes ahead, Ryanair’s fleet of Boeing planes will continue to grow, cementing the airline’s position as one of the largest operators of the 737 MAX in Europe. The move will also enable Ryanair to expand its operations and offer more affordable flights to its customers.

The announcement of the deal will undoubtedly be eagerly awaited by aviation industry analysts and enthusiasts alike, and it remains to be seen whether Ryanair’s demands for discounts will be met by Boeing.

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