April 19, 2024

In an exciting triumph, Rex Airlines, Australia’s leading regional airline, has secured two prestigious accolades at the 2023 Australian Aviation Awards. Rex was honored with the coveted title of “Airline of the Year,” recognizing its outstanding contributions to the aviation industry.But that’s not all!

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Rex also claimed the title of “Safety Innovator of the Year,” a testament to its unwavering commitment to passenger safety and pioneering safety initiatives.In addition to these remarkable achievements, Rex’s Australian Airline Pilot Academy, renowned for producing top-tier aviation professionals, clinched the trophy for “Flight Training Business of the Year.” This recognition underscores the academy’s dedication to shaping the next generation of skilled aviators.

These awards are a testament to Rex’s continuous dedication to excellence and innovation within the aviation sector. Congratulations to Rex Airlines and its Australian Airline Pilot Academy for these well-deserved honors!

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