April 12, 2024

THE Boeing 747-400 which flew the longest flight in commercial history executed a perfect landing at Illawarra Regional Airport today after what was arguably the world’s shortest hop.

The flight of less than 15 minutes saw QF flight 7474 touched down at the airport south of Sydney, where it will become the world’s first 747-400 to go on public display as a tourist attraction.

Qantas officials described the landing at the shorter Illawarra runway as “bang on target’’ after extensive preparations, including reducing the pressure on the aircraft’s tyres, and research by the flight crew.

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1 thought on “Qantas retires plane that made longest commercial flight in history

  1. Traveling in airways will be the time saving for passengers.There are few airlines which are operated in longest flight routes.For example Qantas QF 7/QF 8 from Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth will be the world's longest flight route and many more commercial flights..

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