April 13, 2024
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Qantas Airlines, the Australian carrier, has recently announced significant decisions regarding its cabin crew requirements. Responding to the demands of its cabin crews, the company has introduced new policies aimed at enhancing comfort and individual expression.

In a notable move, Qantas has removed the obligation for female flight attendants to wear high heels during their shifts. Acknowledging the challenges posed by long flights, the airline now permits female crew members to opt for more comfortable flat shoes.

Furthermore, the company has also taken into consideration the requests of male cabin attendants. In response to their desire to use concealer, foundation, and hair extensions, Qantas has decided to allow male crew members the freedom to make use of these grooming options.

A spokesperson from the airline emphasized that these decisions were made to strengthen loyalty and promote a more practical and inclusive travel experience. It was also emphasized that the company’s uniform remains unchanged.

With these new policies, Qantas aims to create an environment where cabin crews feel valued, comfortable, and able to express their individuality while maintaining the high standards expected of the airline.

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