April 13, 2024

Malaysian Ministry of Transport announced on March 8, 2014 MH370 lost flight number of passenger aircraft can be found in the Indian Ocean.

MH370 flight number after a period of Malaysia Airlines passenger plane disappeared from radar in Vietnamese airspace. The statement made by the Malaysian Ministry of Transport, despite not being able to report a year from the Boeing 777 airliner were expressed can be found in the Indian Ocean. In a statement Liow Tiong Lai relevant Malaysian Transport Minister, stressing that they hide any details about the flight authorities, passengers and 12 crew during the flight 227 passenger aircraft, he said, can still be found in the search operation.

On the other hand, in a statement issued earlier this week, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia reportedly will I came to the search operation using a new method.

March 8, 2014 the date of the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur from a passenger plane taking off to go to Beijing lost in Vietnamese airspace. Despite launched search operation after the incident could not find any trace of the plane

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