April 13, 2024

Is it harmful to swallow garlic?

 According to recent research, an interesting claim about garlic, known as a healing repository, has been put forward. Is it harmful to swallow garlic alone?

Did you know that the garlic, which is the culprit of many illnesses, will contribute to your body if you consume it before you go to sleep at night? Here are the benefits of swallowing garlic before sleeping 
– It will prevent spillage on the hair and give the hair brilliance by giving it a brilliant appearance.
– The immune system prevents the appearance of the hairline where the discomfort is caused. Thus, the hair will be stronger and stronger.
– When a person is poisoned, they can prevent poisoning by swallowing garlic.
– It accelerates the treatment of disorders such as flu, colds, colds and diphtheria.
– Swallowing garlic during the day will prevent cancer.
NOTE: If too much garlic is swallowed, some stomach discomfort may occur in the person. Those with gastritis and reflux should consume at least one garlic clove.

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