April 13, 2024
An aircraft engine is a type of propulsion system that generates the thrust necessary to propel an aircraft through the air. There are several types of aircraft engines, but the most common type is the gas turbine engine, also known as a jet engine. Here is a brief overview of how a gas turbine engine works:
Intake: The engine starts by taking in air through an intake, which compresses the air and increases its pressure.
Compression: The compressed air is then sent to the combustion chamber, where fuel is added and ignited. The resulting explosion forces the air out of the back of the engine, generating thrust.
Combustion: Fuel is injected into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with the compressed air and is ignited by a spark plug or other ignition source.
Exhaust: The resulting hot, expanding gases are then forced out of the back of the engine through a nozzle, which generates the thrust that propels the aircraft forward.
In summary, an aircraft engine works by taking in air, compressing it, adding fuel and igniting it to create an explosion, and then forcing the resulting gases out the back of the engine to generate thrust. This process is repeated continuously as the engine powers the aircraft through the air.

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