April 18, 2024
Steve Dickson, the head of the US Federal Aviation Administration, announced that he will leave the post with a flash decision.
Steve Dickson, who took over the US Federal Aviation Administration following two fatal Boeing 737 Max crashes, announced his resignation, effective March 31.
Dickson’s unexpected decision to resign came midway through his five-year tenure. Announcing that he will leave with an e-mail to the staff, Dickson stated that he has been separated from his family for a long time and now wants to devote all his time to them. “As I wrote in my letter to President Biden, it’s time to go home.” said.
Dickson lives in Washington DC due to his tenure with the FAA and his family is in Georgia. 
Dickson, a former Delta Air Lines captain and head of flight operations, was appointed FAA Chairman by President Donald Trump, days after the two fatal crashes of Boeing’s best-selling 737 MAX aircraft.

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