April 18, 2024
How to make ramadan pide at home? What are the tricks of Ramadan pide? The answer to such questions is curious by citizens. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, though the hearts are a bit astringent, the excitement of getting another Ramadan is experienced. Those who want to make this excitement valuable are exploring the Ramadan pita recipes at home. Here are the Ramadan pita recipe and ingredients at home in 8 steps…
The tricks of the Ramadan pide are wondered. Those who have time at home are looking for Ramadan pide recipes. This year, the excitement of Ramadan started to be reflected in the kitchens even though they were a little depressed due to the epidemic process. So much so that those who want to make their family happy at home want to present their Ramadan pita, which they have prepared with their own hands, on their tables. Here is the Ramadan pide recipe in 8 steps that will add flavor and abundance to your table…
2 cups of warm milk
1 packet of yeast
Half a teaspoon of sugar
Half a glass of warm water
A little more oil than half a cup of tea
1 tablespoon of salt
Enough flour (It is enough to be soft enough not to stick to your hand)
To shape the dough;
1 tablespoon flour
5-6 tablespoons of water
(Mix the flour and water well, it should be a liquid mixture, if necessary, water can be added)
1 teaspoon yogurt
1 egg yolk
1 tablespoon of oil
1 tablespoon of milk
Black seed or sesame on request
1. Add yeast, milk and sugar to a deep bowl and leave for 10 minutes until the yeast dissolves.
2. Then add other ingredients. Knead the dough and wait for it to be fermented for 40 minutes by covering it with a damp cloth.
3. Cut the dough into pieces.
4. Sprinkle flour on the counter, take each piece, open your hand with flour and give it the shape you want.
5. Place the rolled dough on the tray, where you grease it or lay out greasy paper.
6. Dip the hand into a floured juicy mixture, first press the sides and then the middle to give the classic pita shape.
7. Let the dough stand for half an hour to ferment and apply the first step to the parts you reshape and make holes with the help of a fork.
8. Put sauce on top. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds, black cumin and cook until golden brown at preheated.

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