April 18, 2024

He Dongfeng, Chairman of China Commercial Aircraft Corporation (CACC), shared exciting news at the 2023 Pujiang Innovation Forum in Shanghai. After 15 years of relentless innovation, China’s domestic aviation industry has birthed a remarkable product family.

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This family includes the C919 medium and short-haul narrow-body passenger aircraft, the ARJ21 short-haul passenger aircraft, and the C929 medium and long-haul wide-body passenger aircraft, all setting the stage for China’s aviation excellence.Notably, the C919 passenger plane, which commenced commercial flights on May 28, has already won the hearts of airlines worldwide, boasting 1,061 orders. Meanwhile, the ARJ21 passenger aircraft has a strong presence with 112 units in service and 775 orders in the pipeline.China’s aviation prowess continues to soar!

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