April 13, 2024
Aviation fuel, also known as Avgas, is not recommended for use in cars or other vehicles designed to use gasoline. The primary reason for this is that Avgas is formulated differently from automotive gasoline and contains a higher octane rating, which can cause damage to car engines and emission control systems.
The composition of Avgas is also different from gasoline used in cars. Avgas typically contains a higher concentration of lead and other chemicals that are not found in automotive gasoline. These chemicals can damage the catalytic converters and other emission control devices in cars, which are designed to work with unleaded gasoline.
Furthermore, Avgas is also more expensive than regular gasoline and is subject to different taxes and regulations. This makes it an impractical and uneconomical choice for use in cars.
In summary, aviation fuel (Avgas) should not be used in cars or other vehicles designed to use gasoline. Using Avgas in a car can cause damage to the engine and emission control systems and is also not economical.

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