April 13, 2024
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In a significant development, Azerbaijan and Italy have officially signed a contract for the purchase of C-27J cargo planes. The agreement was made during the presence of representatives from the Ministers of Defense of both countries, as the Azerbaijani delegation visited Italy for this crucial deal.

The collaboration between Italy and Azerbaijan, initially focused on the energy sector, has now expanded to include defense industry products, thanks to the efforts of the Italian Ministry of Defense working group.

The acquisition program revolves around the procurement of Leonardo-manufactured C-27J aircraft. These tactical transport planes boast a remarkable track record of proven performance in the most challenging operational environments. The agreement was reached after a technical roundtable meeting between the Italian Ministry of Defense and the Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense. This strategic move aligns with the comprehensive modernization program of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces.

While the exact number of C-27J cargo planes purchased by Azerbaijan and the financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, it is worth noting that the current inventory of the Azerbaijan Air Force comprises only two IL-76 cargo planes. The C-27J, being smaller in size compared to the IL-76, will effectively fulfill the Azerbaijan Air Force’s requirement for light transport aircraft.

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