April 16, 2024
Changes are being made to the way CASA delivers its examinations for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. (AME)

People can continue to sit the CASA basic exams and use schedules of
experience to obtain a small aircraft maintenance license until June

The decision made by CASA to continue the CASA AME examinations until June 2019 is enabled by changes to Part 66 regulations and the Manual of Standards to Part 66.

To support this, CASA is moving to an online system which will be
administered by an external provider. A tender process identifying a
suitable provider is nearing conclusion and requires the successful
bidder to conduct the next AME examination in the last week of October

CASA will retain responsibility for the AME examination syllabus content and question development.

Exams will still be held six times a year at multiple locations. The
next opportunity will be in late October 2015 with another sitting in
December 2015.

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