April 13, 2024

I put my some AA training samples from my study papers.When I looked at it maybe someone need it.So use for preparing your exam.
Good luck to all!

1. Airworthiness directives related to aircraft engines are contained in :- A. CAO part 106. 2. A number of subjects are included in CAO part 108 one of these is :- A. Approval of types of aviation fluids. 3. CAO section 104.0 grants authority to be holder of a certificate of approval to :- A. Issue a release note. 4. To find out the examination requirements for the addition of a rating to an aircraft maintenance engineer licence, you would refer to :- A. CAO 109.0 to 109.96 inclusive. 5. In accordance with CAO 100.8 App 1, corrosion found in the primary structure of an aircraft :- A. Is defined as a major defect. 6. A certification record of a non recurring mandatory test in an airline aircraft must be retained for :- A. 12 months. (CAO 100.5.2 para 5) 7. A LAME may within his licence category certify for inspection involving techniques of :- A. Dye penetrant only. (CAO 100.5.1 para 4) 8. To find out what inspection has been carried out on a piston engine unpressurised aeroplane under 2750 kg maximum take-off weight, you would :- A. Refer to CAO section 100.5.1 app 4. 9. To find out what inspection is to be carried out on a turbine powered pressurised aircraft over 2750 kg, you would :- A. Check the aircraft logbook statement for the identity of the inspection (CAO 100.5.1 para 3.1) 10. Time in service of an aircraft, as defined in CAO’s is :- A. The time from the moment of take-off until touch-down at the conclusion of each flight. (CAO 100.5.0 para 2) 11. A signature on a document in respect of maintenance of an aircraft is a certification when :- A. The document specifies that the signature is a certification persuant to the CAR’s .

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